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Anything and everything about NJ
This community is meant to complement a new website I'll be starting soon, The Jersey Blogger. It's going to be about all things jersey. It's history, politics, sports, it's famous people, even it's ugly side (corruption and taxes). I love NJ and am proud to tell everyone. What I love most about this state is it's diversity. We're got warm summers and a beautiful shore to enjoy it in, as well as cold winters, with places where you can ski. It's close to two great cities, Philly and NY, and almost everything in the state is accessible in one day. There's a great diversity of people, politics and things to do, and you really can't find such a great mix in a such an easily accessible area anywhere else in the country.

There are few rules here, so I'll keep it short.

1) Posts here should be NJ related in some way. If they aren't they'll be removed.
2) Posts can be either about NJ (places to go, things to, news, etc) or things you've done. Or questions about NJ. Mentioning your band or a event you're hosting is fine, within reason.
3) Flame wars will quickly be extinguished.

Anything else, I'll handle as we go.