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Saw Jay Weinberg’s band, The Reveling on Friday in Hoboken. Got off the elevator, met Jay, then wandered around because we were super super early. Whoops. The school was so nice, and right on the waterfront. We eventually went back in, and watched the first band perform, and during it, I was just sitting at this table, minding my own business, and Jay tapped me on the shoulder, and said, “This is my dad, I thought you might want to meet him.” And I met Max Weinberg. And we talked a bit and I took a photo and they were both so so nice! After the meeting of Max and the overwhelmingness of Jay approaching me, personally, I had t excuse myself to freak out in the stairwell. Ha ha. And Jay kept walking past us and he would say hello and whateva and then his band went on, and they were wonderful. He is such a beast on drums. Mmmmmyeah. We sat through two more bands, then decided to go (we = me, my brother, and my friend). We said goodbye to Jay, and he hugged me! And he also gave us free CDs! Seriously. He was so nice. He thanked us for coming about a thousand times. It’s like, he goes from playing in front of however many people can fit in Giants Stadium, to playing for about fifty people. What a cool dude. And Max! Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Then the next day My dad, brother, and I ventured to Ridgewood, NJ to go to a store called “Bookends” to meet the Big Man, Clarence Clemons. We got there relatively early, and got to wait outside rather than in the rain. We met some pretty chill people on line, and snuck pictures with Clarence after he signed our books (you could only take pictures from the line…not at the table). It was great. I told him I always wanted to meet the biggest man in the universe, and he laughed. Also, my dad got a lot of compliments on his personalized Clarence shirt.

I love everything.

Oh, PS,



Here's the album with more pictures:
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