Rebecca (rrrobofrance) wrote in thejerseyblog,

Jersey Shore advice

Hey guys, I'm wondering if some of you could help me pick a Jersey Shore beach to go to in July (providing the summer ever decides to kick in).

I'm trying to plan a weekend at the shore with some friends. We're ages 26-33, and we're just looking for some nice beach time and fun boardwalk time. We'll need to stay in an area with motels or other budget-friendly options, as we can't afford anything more than $200/night.

I used to go to Wildwood back in high school/college, but now I worry the crowd might be TOO young for us--we don't want to be overwhelmed with drunk teenagers. But, we also don't want something too quiet or children-oriented as we'll want to be around others our age and be able to do some boardwalk drinking/wandering. Not looking for MTV-bouttie-shaking, just some relaxed/relaxing fun.

Any suggestions? Do you think Wildwood is still the right place or am I right about the under-25 invasion? Thanks a lot!
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