The Jersey Blogger (jersey_blogger) wrote in thejerseyblog,
The Jersey Blogger

NJ politicians again make the case that they should be the NJ Giants

Look we're all proud of the Giants but can we please get over the fact that they call themselves the NY Giants? They play in Rutherford which is a 10 minute commute from Manhatten and they are considered the local team of both NJians, Nyers, as well as some folks from Ct and even parts of PA. The Buffalo Bills don't actually play in Buffalo, they play in Orchard Park, NY and are refered to as the Buffalo Bills because that is the nearest metropolitan city to their stadium.

Ok, so because it says NY, that confers NY state as well as NYC, fine. Who gives a rats ass? We've got a budget deficit from hell, roads that need paving, so many ethic problems that the rat is our unofficial state animal, so can we stop crying that "we're being snubbed"? Please? This is not something to get in a twist about. Seriously folks. Can we get back to more important things, like the fact that McGreevey's gay lover is loaning him money to cover his legal fees but not to help him pay his alimony?

Priorities people, please!
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